Project:Aprota Villas


Area:11 acres

Year:in progress

Cost:150 Million LKR


The project is a five star boutique hotel located in Arugam Bay in the east coast of Sri Lanka. The client, (Aprota and Pabra), required a hotel that exceeds five star requirements. The concept of the project centres around the expanse of roof area for extended cover. This, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, also serves to reduce solar gain and increase privacy.

The angles of the roof have been strategically carved out to emphasise other major aspects of the building. The layout of the spaces is such that it provides multiple points from which to experience the coastal coconut plantation.

In keeping with the inspiration of a traditional design with a modern interpretation, each room has its own Jacuzzi. The main building is elevated to maintain a clear view of the sea, coupled with the rising sun and moon. From each villa, there exists a view of the sea, nestled in a coconut plantation.

The pool, comprising of multiple levels is paired with a pool bar to create a hub of its own. Provisions to expand the main building, such that it functions at a larger capacity, have been provided.