Project:Levity House




Cost:50 million LKR


Located in Colombo, the project is a three story luxury residence of 5000 Sq.ft. Modern tropical in design, the architecture entwines elements of passive cooling mechanisms, intricate structural design and outdoor interactions to create a stimulating spatial journey.

The layout comprises of three main peripheral gardens which define the setting of the internal spaces. The spaces are then bisected by a central staircase supported by a solid fair-faced concrete wall, which together act as a constant way-finder as one progresses through the building.

The wall, due to its centrality, behaves as a shaded thermal mass, detached from external sources of heat, and so, serves as a passive cooling element within the building. This cooling mechanism is further reinforced by the sparing use of fenestration along the east-west axis of the building. Not only does it minimize heat gain but also ensures privacy from neighboring residences.

The spaces are void of visible columns save the edges of the building. The central wall acts as the main load bearing element which permits the ground floor to be an open living space. The central divide through the space is further emphasized by the positioning of the beams, which, on the right hand side of the structure are upstanding and to the left- down-standing.

The spatial experience therefore, is multidimensional. The spatial progression through the length of the building is focused towards the furthermost garden; achieved by placing it in constant sight, be it in the form of a direct vista or glimpses through the staircase.

The architectural elements also play on one's perception of what's heavy and light. The central wall possesses most of the structural elements and is perceived as heavy whilst the living spaces above appear to be floating. This contrast is achieved by structural manipulations that appear to defy gravity.